biog & development

Son of Ernie and Doreen, and Brother of Ian
Married to Colby Adams

1954 - Born in London, brought up to Edinburgh at an early age. Studied Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art 1973-77.

Post-college, I briefly door-stepped for house-drawing commissions. During the next decade, rarely exhibiting, I produced figurative work that reflected my personal fears, doubts, and anxieties.

Resuming serious painting in 2007, I have continued to work with figures. My subject range has widened, but can still be unsettling. My attachment to representational work, using oil paint or watercolour, remains strong, and I still live and work in Edinburgh.


2016 SSA (Society of Scottish Artists) - Selected show
2016 RSA Open (Royal Scottish Academy) - Selected show
2016 Union Gallery – Edinburgh – 'Reunion' - Mixed show
2015 SSA
2014 VAS (Visual Arts Scotland) - Selected show
2014 SSA - Selected show
2014 Union Gallery - Solo show ‘Dark Arcadias’
2013 SSA
2012 Private Commission
2012 SSA
2012 VAS
2011 Private Commission
2011 SSA
2011 Hanover fine arts - Edinburgh - mixed show
2009 Hanover fine arts - Edinburgh - mixed show
2008 Private Commission
2008 Colours gallery - Edinburgh - mixed show

an interval

1984 SSA
1982 SSA
1977-78 House drawing commissions

1973-77 Edinburgh College of Art